A class that pays off

Do you think finals would be more satisfying if it lead to a job?

For Machining and Accounting students who have been taking FE205B Resumes and Job Search Correspondence, that could very much be the reality. FE205B is an employment preparation course that helps students prepare their resumes, search for jobs and complete mock phone and in-person interviews.

For their final, students were interviewed by local industry professionals. For last year’s Machining students, this exercise lead to a student hire rate greater than 90%.

“If the student wanted a job, they got a job,” said Machining Instructor Sheldon Schnider.

Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros has been teaching the course which is designed for students set to graduate or any student needing CTE or AAOT credit.

“For some, this is their first real opportunity to be interviewed by professionals,” she said. “Employers are saying ‘Yes! Please have me on your schedule. We want to meet with students, we’re so impressed with how knowledgeable and prepared they are.’”

This is the fourth FE205B course for Machining, second for Accounting and a course for Welding will be added this spring.

Students waiting for their turn to interview

Many companies and individuals helped interview students, including-


  • A-dec
  • Ascentec Engineering
  • ATI Cast Products
  • Climax Portable Machining and Welding Systems


  • Alex Miller, CPA
  • Becky Ray, Northwest Senior Disability Services (retired accountant)
  • Denise Teixeria, Accounting Faculty
  • Lori Gillespie, Career Services