Chemeketa launches Cultural Competence Certificate for employees

Starting June 2019, the Diversity & Equity office will offer a Cultural Competence Certificate to any employee who participates in cultural awareness professional development.

The certificate, which you can apply to participate in, is awarded after 60 points (approximately 12 hours) of cultural competency-related training is completed within two years.

Activities range from completing designated Skillsoft courses, taking a Chemeketa community service or sociology course, volunteering at a local food bank, attending or helping plan cultural diversity events and more. Five focus areas including awareness of self and others, critical conversations in the workplace, inclusive pedagogy, learning about the experience of others and call to action.

The certificate will expire after two years and completing 40 points within that time is required for re-certification.  

This certification demonstrates an employee’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and Employee Development Cultural Competence Certificate will be considered for a preferred qualification when job vacancies are posted.

You can learn more about the program here and contact if you have any questions.