Congratulations to our 2019 retirees

The room was packed and the mood was light at the annual Retirement Celebration where 23 employees were congratulated for their 453 combined years of service.

Our soon to be retirees were gently ribbed and wildly congratulated for their accomplishments and service, including instructor Roger White who will retire after a record-setting 46 years of service.

Tim Rogers, who is also retiring, was a student in Rogers class and credited him for encouraging the skills of critical thinking and attention to detail. “I still think of Roger whenever I tell myself to ‘cross my t’s and dot my i’s’,” Tim said.

Board members Neva Hutchinson and Ed Dodson gave special thanks to Julie Huckestein for her years of services as Chief Financial Officer and as President. “I tried to convince her to stay one, two or even three more years,” said Ed. “I lost that battle.”

As the event concluded, Julie remarked “The success of the college is because of all the work you have done and all the work of those who’ve come before us.”

More pictures can be found here.

Congratulations to our 2019 retirees

  • Kenneth Anderson
  • Juliet Booth
  • Vonda Burk
  • Lori Cegon
  • Shirley Comstock
  • Maria Dooley
  • Kelley Gembala
  • Lynn George
  • Bryon Hall
  • Nancy Howard
  • Julie Huckestein
  • Moira Hughes
  • Susan McCaffrey
  • Michael Milhausen
  • Larry Ralphs
  • Russell Read
  • Bill Riffle
  • Tim Rogers
  • Wendy Sahnow
  • Alba Scholz
  • Roger White
  • Leanne Whygle
  • Kathryn Murphy