Evacuation drill follow up

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On Friday, April 19, Chemeketa held an all-facilities evacuation drill to test the college’s emergency evacuation plans.

Those that participated evacuated on average in less than seven minutes and got to their designated assembly areas. The all clear for Salem campus was given about 35 minutes after the drill began.

“Everyone should be proud of this accomplishment given it was the first time conducting an accountability assessment,” said Kathleen Silva. “In time the drills will be conducted more rapidly and participants will have less uncertainty. The goal is to train to respond and have confidence in knowing what to do.”

After the exercise there was a debrief to discuss what went well and identify gaps and future projects to improve emergency response. The Emergency Preparedness Committee will be reviewing the outcome from the drill, debrief and a survey to assist with future planning. 

Please take a moment and complete the survey to help the Emergency Preparedness Committee learn from your experience.

Please take the brief survey here

Chemeketa’s next drill will come in October during the Great Oregon ShakeOut. 

Our Emergency Management thanks you for your time and participation. If you have any questions please contact Kathleen Silva at 503.399.8635 or email kathleen.silva@chemeketa.edu. 

Teaching during the drill