Introducing our 50th Anniversary logo

While Chemeketa’s 50th Anniversary celebration will commence with Kickoff and conclude with Commencement, there’s work going on behind the scenes to properly honor Chemeketa’s work over the past five decades.

To start, the 50th Anniversary committee hired graduating Visual Communications student Joshua Anderson to create a logo for commemorating the 2019-2020 academic year.

“We requested incorporating Chemeketa’s current brand and imagery of the past for this logo,” said committee co-chair Doug Moxley. “The final piece exceeded our expectations.”

The logos can be used both internally and externally on materials, but is meant to have a one year shelf life.

“This is not replacing Chemeketa’s current logo,” Doug emphasized.

About the Logo

  • The logo is a reflection of Chemeketa’s past and future
  • The “50” design draws from the stone murals symbolizing the gathering place
  • Within the “0” there are five rays of sunshine symbolizing our five decades of service and a bright future
  • The yellow in the logo’s sunrise is a gold reminiscent of previous college logo colors and celebrates our “Golden Anniversary””
  • The “5” is reminiscent of an arrow reflecting on our past
  • They come together to depict a sunrise over the Willamette Valley, our service district

About the Artist

Joshua Anderson is a third year student graduating this month with degrees in Graphic Design and Interactive Media.

He was recommended by Visual Communications Instructor Wendy Riley.

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