June President’s Recognition Report

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Julie Huckestein recognized the following colleagues for recent contributions to Chemeketa and to their professions at the June Board of Education meeting-

Sheila Brown, Holly Cook, Lynn Irvin, Terri Jacobson, Cindy Scott, and Esthela Zendejas are thanked for organizing the Employee Retiree Celebration on May 2. Special thanks to Media Services and Northwest Innovations. Twenty-three (23) retirees were honored, representing 466 years and 11 months of service to the college— Ken Anderson, Juliet Booth, Vonda Burk, Lori Cegon, Shirley Comstock, Maria Dooley, Kelley Gembala, Lynn George, Bryon Hall, Nancy Howard, Julie Huckestein, Moira Hughes, Susan McCaffrey, Michael Milhausen,Kathryn Murphy, Larry Ralphs, Russell Read, Bill Riffle, Tim Rogers, Wendy Sahnow, Alba Scholz, Roger White, and Leanne Whygle.

Cecelia Monto, dean of Education, Languages, and Social Sciences, wrote an article entitled “Increasing Diversity in Teacher Candidates: An Oregon Model Using a Community College Pathway into Teacher Education,” which will be published in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice.

Heather McDaniel, assistant director of Human Resources, received her Certified Labor Relations Professional (CLRP) certification

Thanks to Nancy Duncan, Phillip Hudspeth, And Jamie Wenigmann for organizing the 11th annual STARS (Students Toward Academic Recognition and Success) reception for scholarship recipients and donors on May 10 at the Broadway Commons. Also, thanks to Nicole Dickerson, Nancy Duncan, Michelle Dyer, And Jamie Wenigmann for organizing the 4th annual Yamhill Valley Campus STARS reception for scholarship recipients and donors on May 17 at the Yamhill Valley Campus. This year 1,635 students applied for foundation scholarships, 452 scholarships were awarded, and $1,200 was the average scholarship award. A total of $619,000 in scholarships were awarded.

Thanks to Megan Jensen, Sherrie Maggarell, And Jessie Sandrock for organizing another successful Barrel Tasting and Celebration event on May 1 at the Wine Studies Center. Wine Studies program alumni shared wine tasting samples

Thanks to Deanne Beausoleil, art faculty, for organizing the annual Student Art Show and awards reception on May 15. Juror awards went to—First place, Elaina Ebrerz for “Cat”; Second place, Erin Ross for “IRRETRIEVABLE MORTALITY”; and Third place to Maura Phay for “The Price of Freedom”. Other students who received purchase awards and/or recognition awards were Jacob Dettwyler, Sean Donovan, Rachael Dudek, Kayanna Dunaway, Nicholas Gomez, Casandra Johns, Jamilyn Juetten, Josue Caleb Martinez Lopez, Maura Miller, Leonel Miller, David Moraga, Joel Norcross And Erin Ross. Congratulations to all the students who had artwork displayed in the art show

The second annual Emergency Services Program open house was held on May 16. Over 500 people attended including 450 high school students who were bussed to the event. The collaborative training exercises showcased Chemeketa’s Fire Protection, EMT/Paramedic and Criminal Justice programs working together in a real-life emergency services scenarios, along with a Life Flight helicopter that landed in the parking lot. Thanks to Susan McCaffrey who was the mastermind of the event, along with Chris Arbuckle, Chris Cooper, Natalia Erofeeff, Megan Gonzalez, Bill Klein, Gregg Lander, Kiva Lyell, Marshall Roache, and Michael Withington, agencies and industry partners, and the Emergency Services program students

The Yamhill Valley Campus Space Cowboys won the Best Alien Group award at the 20th annual UFO Festival in McMinnville on Saturday, May 18. Thanks to Aaron Baca, Tracie Burger, Brian Covey, Paul Davis, Nancy Duncan, Michelle Dyer, Kathryn Ellis, Jim Eustrom, Jose Garcia, Lynn Irvin, Brandy Lehn, Paula Lisoff, Abby Hoffer, Danielle Hoffman, Julie Huckestein, Phillip Hudspeth, Holly Nelson, Adam Mennig, Cecilia Monto, Mike Myers, Holly Nelson, Jeannie Odle, Tim Pierce, Jessica Sandrock, Craig Saunders, Alice Sprague, Susan Varnum, Jonni Whitney, students Kay Huff, Trevor Denning, Ivan Nambo-Soto, Facilities Team, and many family members who participated in the community event

The second annual Affordable Learning Initiative recognition event was held on May 22, to recognize faculty and staff for their contributions to reduce the cost of textbooks and course materials. Thanks to the Affordable Learning Initiative Committee of Natalie Beach, Beth Hale, Nancy Howard, Tiffany Kennell, Michael Milhausen, Brian Mosher, Aspen Padilla, Steve Richardson, Tim Rogers, Kellie Schellenberg, Meredith Schreiber, R. Taylor, and Friday Valentine; Judy Allen And Trina Butler helped with set-up and take down. The President’s Award went to Make College Yours textbook for the First Year Experience course, by Chemeketa faculty Michele Burke, Layli Liss, Neil Liss, Karl Meiner, Nathan Pratt, Catherine Shride, and Colin Stapp.

The second annual Chemeketa Reads essay contest was held on May 23. Briseida Lopez, wrote the winning essay and the six other winners were Katana Liebelt, Paisley Spinks, Kelly Babbitt, Laurie Boedigheimer, Allison Moser, and Marshall Norris. Fifteen (15) other students received honorable mention. Chemeketa Reads is a collaborative project between the Reading and Writing programs, the Library, and the Diversity and Equity Office. This year the project enjoyed generous sponsorship form Linda Herrera and Atala Consulting. Thanks to Chemeketa Reads committee members Cary Ballew-Renfro, Michele Burke, Vivi Caleffi Prichard, Michele Dyer, Layli Liss, and Beth Perlman for supporting the contest; and to the selection committee of Michele Burke, James Gapinski, Alissa Hattman, Diana Inch, Amanda Knopf, Rebecca Owen, and Theresa Yancey for reviewing and selecting the winning essays from 60 that were submitted.

Thanks to the Wellness Committee for organizing the Wellness Walkabout on May 31. Wellness Committee members and helpers included Judy Allen, Sheila Brown, Megan Cogswell, Cheryl Davis, Nancy Espinosa, Sage Freeman, Meghan Gallop, Irma Guzman, Kate Hoerauf, Lynn Irvin, Elaine Kevorkian, Raschel Larsen, Nikki Mundt, Tim Pierce, Heather Simpson-Howell who teamed up with Exec Team members Don Brase, Julie Huckestein, Johnny Mack, Holly Nelson, Jeannie Odle, Tim Rogers, Miriam Scharer and Alice Sprague to staff a Wellness stations located around the Salem campus.

Thanks to Leanna Crawford, English instructor, for organizing and promoting this year’s Soapbox Poetry and to the following faculty and staff who participated in the spring term Soapbox Poetry readings: David Hallett, Jan Vanstavern, Josie Wood.

Two machining students in Sheldon Schnider’s class made a beautiful metal “Chemeketa Cellars” sign for the tasting room at Eola’s Wine Studies Center. Thanks to Luis Campos Cortes and Walter Rivord. The next time you are at Eola, check it out!

The first Chemeketa Speaks public speaking contest was held on June 1 in the Building 6 auditorium. Fourteen (14) student speakers participated. First place went to Sophia Wood; Second place Melissa Patton; and Third Place Max Rudd. Thanks to Paul Evans, Debbie Hornibrook and Josie Wood for organizing and facilitating the event; and two legislators, Reps. Susan McLain and Lynn Findley, who served as judges

The Agricultural Complex groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 11. Big thanks toHolly Nelson and Jessica Sandrock for organizing a wonderful event, along withChad Alexander, Paul Davis, Dee Dixon & Facilities Team, Scott Dwyer, Megan Jensen, Paula Lisoff, Sherrie Magarrell, Michael Paruch, Brian Rader and NWI Team, Linda Ringo-Reyna, and Craig Saunders. To show the evolution of farming, a walking plow with horses, a steam engine tractor, and a state-of-the art air-conditioned, computer-guided tractor kicked off the event. A drone was flying overhead to take aerial photos. Incoming president Jessica Howard, sabered a bottle of Chemeketa sparkling wine to toast the ground breaking event and a variety of refreshments that represent the Willamette Valley agriculture areas were available to sample. The proposed completion date of the new Ag Complex is Winter 2020

Thanks to the staff and faculty who have organized the many end-of-year gatherings and celebrations including the Student Leadership reception, end-of-year student/staff BBQ, TRiO/College Completion Program Awards Banquet, Engineering Students Bridge Competition, Visual Communications Portfolio Show, LPN and RN Pinning ceremonies, Spring Choir concert, and the CAMP, Talent Search, Upward Bound, and HEP Celebrations

Heather Misener, Mike Evans, Jeannie Odle and Stacey Wells are thanked for planning and organizing the college’s 63rd commencement ceremony that was held on June 18 at the Pavilion. Many helpers and volunteers contributed to the success of this year’s graduation including Nette Abderhalden, Rosalba Aguilar Deluna, Karen Alexander, Angela Archer, James Berndt and the day and evening Facilities Team, Kerry Burtis, Trish Clay, Barbara Cowlishaw, Melissa Frey, Meghan Gallop, Joel Gisbert, Paco Hadley, Karyna Haro-Gonzalez, Sara Hastings, Amy Early, Ashley Hackett, Terri Jacobson, Teter Kapan, Chris Kato, Robert LaHue, Laura Leon-Cipriano, Liliana Landa-Villalba, Michelle Limas, Sheila Lorance, Lynn Irvin, Yesica Navarro, Ray Phipps, Brian Rader, Cintia Ramos Carreon, Katie Ramsdell, Linda Ringo-Reyna, Terry Rohse, Eme Smith, Steve Vincent, William Velez, Meagan Uselman, and Sean Warner. Also,big thanks To High School Partnerships, Media Services, Northwest Innovations; and Public Safety; Megan Gonzales, Marshall Roache, Michael Withington and the first-year Law Enforcement students; and the 20+ student volunteers and helpers.