Staff, they are a movin’

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Several employees have moved to different work areas within the college over the past few months. Here are some of those changes in case you find yourself wondering “where the heck is so and so now?”

Building 2

  • Rich McDonald From 2/215E to 2/215C
  • Tom Howard is in 2/215E
  • Vacant Risk Management from 2/215C to 2/217
  • Denise Galey 2/115H to 2/115T
  • Kip Carlson 2/115Q to 2/115C
  • Counseling Associate Dean 2/115T to 2/115H
  • Ginny Gardiner 2/115C to 2/115Q
  • Mercedes Wingo In-Front of 2/115L to In-Front of 2/115T
  • Beth Bonnet 2/115G to 2/115Z
  • Blanca Aguirre 2/115Y to 2/115G
  • Denisse Maciel 2/115D to 2/115Y
  • Lori Gillespie 2/115P to 2/1150
  • Mike Zunin 2/1150 to 2/115P
  • Karen Stevens 2/11 SR to 2/115D
  • Lisa Louie 2/115F to 2/115V
  • Juan Carlos Oeloya 2/115L to 2/115X
  • Jeffrey Howard 2/115X to 2/115K
  • Erika Coker 2/115K to 2/115U
  • Cleo Alvarez 2/115U to 2/115L
  • Kim Martin 2/115V to 2/115I
  • Cathy Martell-Straight 2/115I to 2/115R
  • Intern to 2/115F
  • Counseling Associate Dean 2/115T to 2/115H

Building 5

  • Steve Paterson From 5/264D to 5/266B
  • Amanda Beckner From 5/264A cubicle 1 from door to 5/266A
  • Reshone Dean From 5/264E to 5/266C
  • Priscila Narcio From 264 Reception to 5/266
  • Fauzi Naas From 5/266A to 5/264A
  • Beth Perlman From 5/266 to 5/264
  • John Hadley From 5/266 to 5/264
  • Dorothy Moore From 5/266C to 5/264D
  • Grants Vacant Hire From 5/266B to 5/264E
  • Julie Peters From 2/225 to 5/264C
  • Gary West From 2/225 to 5/264B

Building 3 & 8

  • Beatriz Arevalo From 3/252 to 8/104C 
  • Laura Chappell from 8/104 into 3/255S
  • Ben Turner From 5/264 and 5/256 to 3/252
  • Joe Romero From 5/264 to 3/252A Temporary
  • Amber McMurray From 5/264 to 3/252
  • Cecelia Monto From 5/264C to 3/252C

And one more…

A fond farewell from me, Meghan Gallop, who will be moving to CCBI to serve as the Small Business Management Coordinator. Please continue to contact Robert LaHue and the college’s incoming Marketing Director Marie Hulett with your Chemeketa Connects story ideas. It’s been a pleasure sharing your stories!