Chemeketa salutes its veterans

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Chemeketa President Jessica Howard honored veterans who are employees of the college with a special luncheon on Tuesday, Nov. 5. More than 30 veterans, who represent all five branches of service and many different departments at Chemeketa, attended the event.

Veterans shared stories of their time served in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard, with tales spanning across the globe. Speaking at the event, President Howard, whose father was a naval aviator, thanked attendees for always putting others first, in their roles at Chemeketa and in the service.

State Rep. Paul Evans, a veteran and instructor at Chemeketa, urged attendees to get involved in their communities this Veterans Day, teaching others how to work together, play together and love together despite their differences – lessons learned in the armed forces.

“As we continue to strive towards building a greater military culture at Chemeketa, we believe this begins with our staff and faculty,” said Veterans’ Coordinator Jon Terrazas. “Our leadership has taken the initiative to recognize our service members with this luncheon as a token of appreciation for all of our veteran staff and faculty members and their continued support of our students.”

Thank you, veterans

Veterans in attendance included:

  • Phillip Hudspeth, Chemeketa Foundation
  • Kyle Anderson, Jim Porter, Donna Delashmutt, Joseph Altelaihi, Mathew Purdy and Doug Moxley, Information Technology
  • Jon Terrazas and Bruce Irvin, Veterans’ Services
  • Kristine Medyanik, Education, Languages & Social Sciences
  • Nol Cobb and Jackson Horsfall, Applied Technologies
  • Patrick Williams, Terry Rohse and Paul Evans, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Aaron King, Financial Aid
  • John McIlvain, Safety & Risk Management
  • Bryan Monson, Business & Technology
  • Dawn Pahl, Center for Business & Industry
  • Cy Hill, Polk Center
  • Jonni Whitney, Yamhill Valley Campus
  • Rory Alvarez and James Berndt, Capital Projects & Facilities
  • Kevin Alano, Community Education
  • Amber McMurray, Education & Humanities
  • Prescott Mann, Math, Engineering & Computer Science
  • John Glantz and Gary Atwood, Advising & First Year Programs
  • Sheronne Blasi and Kim Douthit, Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Juventino Villagomez, student