New deadline for Chemeketa Foundation scholarship applications

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Each year, the Chemeketa Foundation Scholarship Application is open to all students planning to attend Chemeketa during the next academic year. This year, in an effort to notify students sooner of their scholarship status for the next year, we will open the Chemeketa Foundation Scholarship Application on My Chemeketa January 1 and close it April 15.

To apply, current or prospective students will need to complete a simple application which takes about 30 minutes. Scholarship applicants will be considered for approximately 400 Chemeketa scholarships.

On average, 1 in 4 students who apply are awarded a scholarship. Awards range from $300-$5,000. These scholarships are open to all students, including students without a social security number and international students. Students do not have to have a 4.0 GPA to apply and scholarships are also available for transfer and CTE students.  Most scholarships are based on financial need. Scholarships may cover tuition, fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses.

The Foundation staff appreciates your assistance informing students about the availability of Foundation scholarships and the new application timeline.

For questions regarding the application process or the change in application window, contact the Foundation at 503.365.4747.