Share your 50 words in the 50/50 Project

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In honor of Chemeketa Community College’s 50th anniversary, Chemeketa Press and the Courier are seeking 50-word stories from past and present students, staff, faculty, and community members by January 15, 2020.

The 50/50 Project will collect 50 stories into a commemorative print edition curated and designed by students and distributed at the college’s anniversary gala in June. Our mission is to capture a diverse range of creative, unique, inspiring, amusing, and thought-provoking anecdotes about your time at Chemeketa in 50 words—no more, no less. For more about how to enter, visit Send questions to

Five Tips for Your 50-Word Story:

  • Identify a single situation or experience that represents an important moment that was or is part of your life at Chemeketa.
  • Use the title to set the scene or establish important background information. Titles don’t count toward your total of 50 words!
  • Look to swap out general words for more specific, active, or visual words. For example, instead of “I was walking one day on campus” (7 words), try this: “Last spring, I raced across campus” (6 words).
  • Start in the middle of things. This very old advice goes all the way back to Aristotle.
  • Leave some things unsaid. Don’t explain yourself. Make every word count just like your time at Chemeketa!