What Equity in Practice Looks Like

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Staff, faculty, and administrators came together on Dec. 5 to put equity-mindedness into practice.

As described by the Center for Urban Education, equity-mindedness involves calling attention to patterns of inequity in student outcomes, taking personal and institutional responsibility for student success, and critically reassessing current practices.

Currently, there are six Guided Pathway workgroups, which are designing and implementing the work that will culminate in a more seamless educational journey for students.

“The purpose of this Equity Workshop was to bring all the leaders of the Guided Pathways Chemeketa workgroups together and come to a better understanding of how equity plays a central role in our work,” said Don Brase, executive dean of General Education and Transfer Studies. “Guided Pathways is about the student experience, and students have been experiencing inequity in their education – not because Chemeketa employees are intentionally trying to be inequitable, but because we all need to learn how to have equity-mindedness in all of our decisions and actions. This takes training and focus. This workshop exceeded my expectations and set us on the right course to use an equity lens in our Guided Pathways work.”

Stay tuned for future workshops and more information about how Guided Pathways is unfolding at Chemeketa.