December President’s Recognition Report

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Jessica Howard recognized the following colleagues for recent contributions to Chemeketa and to their professions at the December Board of Education meeting-

Cross-country student athlete Hannah Caldwell, was awarded an NAACP scholarship at the NAACP awards ceremony on October 23.

Michael Budke, academic coordinator for Corrections, wrote an article “College Behind Bars: The Necessity of Running A College Inside Prisons,” that was published in The EvoLLLution.

Michael Budke and Jordan Bermingham recently presented at the National Conference on Higher Education in Prison ( Their presentation, titled ‘Lessons Learned from Four Years’ Experience Administering Second Chance Pell (SCP), provided guidance and recommendations to current and aspiring SCP providers. There were over 100 attendees. Chemeketa Community College is the only Oregon college able to administer SCP, and a national leader in educational programming inside correctional facilities.

Grecia Garcia Perez, student services specialist, and student Ashley C. Duran-Fajardo, have adapted an open educational resource (OER) book entitled “A Different Road to College,” created by Alise Lamoreaux from Lane Community College and adapted it to a Chemeketa Community College edition specifically relevant to Chemeketa’s student population and services.

The College Access Programs coordinated Chemeketa’s Inaugural First Generation College Student Celebration on November 7. They collaborated with several departments including Student Retention and College Life, Student Development and Learning Resources, Diversity and Equity, and Marketing/Public Relations. Staff and faculty from around the college shared their first-generation experience and information about student services. Over 300 students, staff, and faculty participated in the fun event.

The third annual Migrant Parent Institute and Migrant Youth Forum was held at Chemeketa on Saturday, November 9. Thanks to Cassie Belmodis, Mike Evans, Manuel Guerra, Linda Ringo-Reyna, Stacey Wells, who organized the event. Over 250 students registered for Youth Forums which included CTE sessions in the areas of nursing, dental assisting, EMT, fire science, criminal justice, machining, robotics, visual communications, and computer information science, but over 500 parents and community members attended the Institute. Thanks to faculty who participated in demos and hands-on activities for the students and visitors—Chris Arbuckle, Steve Greco, Julian Harkema, Dana Nola, Deborah Pillette-Stephens, Mandy Reininger, Abigail Rolins, Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros, Connie Riecke, Sheldon Schnider, Chuck Sekafetz, and Barb Sigurdson.

On December 7, four Chemeketa Public Safety Officers, Bryan Bagwell, Bradlee Davis, Sheila Lorance and Donald Twist joined 100+ Law Enforcement Officers for the annual Shop-with-a-Cop event at the South Salem Walmart. There were over 600 children from the community, including 35 children from parents of Chemeketa students. Each child was teamed up with an officer and was able to shop for Christmas gifts totaling $35. This is the second year that Public Safety has been involved. The event is hosted by a local nonprofit “Believe in Your Community” which has also helped several Chemeketa students in need.

Thanks to the Holiday Social Committee planning members Holly Cook (coordinator),Karen Alexander, Dee Dixon, Joel Gisbert, Ashley Hackett, Lynn Irvin, Tim King (co-chair), Amy Mckinley, Adam Mennig, Karen Munos, Vivi Caleffi Prichard, Brian Rader, Terry Rohse (co-chair), Jamie Wenigmann, Meredith Schreiber, Alice Sprague, and Steve Vincent for organizing the Holiday Social on December 5. For the first time ever, a pay portal was set up so that the Holiday Social meal tickets could be purchased online. Special recognition to Karen Alexander for designing and spearheading the “sNOw More Hunger” campaign to benefit the Chemeketa Food Pantry. In addition, Foundation staff Jamie Wenigmann and Phillip Hudspeth were incredibly helpful with the “sNOw More Hunger” campaign as they took donations and “sold” bags of food for the Chemeketa Food Pantry. Special thanks to Kerry Burtis, the Chemeketa Carolers, and Brian McCartney with his Brass Ensemble for providing entertainment; Adam Mennig, who was the emcee; and staff from Facilities, Media Services, Auditorium assistant Sean Warner, and Northwest Innovations. Food gift certificates from donations by the classified, faculty, and exempt associations, and the sale of raffle tickets were given to families in need and have a Chemeketa connection.

Linda Herrera, retired Diversity and Equity Officer and current member of the Foundation Board, was appointed to the Board of Trustees for Western Oregon University.

Foundation staff Marie Hulett and Jamie Wenigmann are thanked for coordinating a benefit event with the Salem Holiday Market on Friday, December 13. This was the opening night of the three-day Holiday Market which had wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, and early shopping specials with proceeds from admission fees going to the Chemeketa Student Relief Fund. Thanks to college employees Ana Angel, Megan Cogswell, Paul Davis, Natalia Erofeef, Robert LaHue, Johnny Mack, Emily Miller, Otilia Morales, Michael Paruch, Connie Riecke, Joleen Schilling, Mariah Tilman, Lana Tuss, and Esthela Zendejas who staffed a Chemeketa booth in shifts to promote college programs. Also thanks to other departments who participated throughout the weekend, including Kerry Burtis and the Chemeketa Carolers; Megan Gonzalez and the criminal justice students who coordinated traffic; Grecia Garcia Perez and student leaders who worked ticket booths and coordinated food pantry item donations, along with Facilities staff Dee Dixon, Hector Delgado, and John Thomas, who transported the food barrels over the three days; and Pam Ditterick and Early Childhood Education students who staffed the kids’ corner activity booth.

Thanks to the many faculty and staff who have been heavily involved in the instructional and service area program reviews which occur on a five-year cycle and encourages programs and service areas to reflect as a group on performance in relation to the college’s mission and core themes. A total of 71 out of 86 academic program (49/52) and service (22/34) reviews and presentations have been completed. The program and service reviews listed below have occurred since June 2018:

1. Horticulture Program Review developed by faculty February–September 2018. October 2018 presentation by Program Chair Joleen Schilling, Horticulture student Erik Lindquist and Horticulture program graduates Ellen Selander, Sam Slater, Alison Thomas, and Hillery Keairnes.

2. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program Review developed by faculty September 2017–September 2018. October 2018 presentation by faculty Jannie Crossler-Laird, Program Chair, Genevieve Halkett, Dina Valdivia, Melody Abarca-Millan, John Whitney, Mary Hughes, Christine Nile, And Cheila Ramirez.

3. High School Partnerships Program Review developed by staff and faculty February–September 2018. October 2018 presentation by Dean Jonathan Tucker, Program Coordinator Peggy Morrison, faculty Judith Anderson, Jessica Hilfiker, Jeff Mccabe, Jessica Wright, Matt Keeling, Alejandra Gallegos, Kevin Olson, Karl Meiner and students Abby Kepford, Ben Sigler, and Tony Saavedra.

4. Automotive Technology Program Review developed by staff and faculty June–November 2018. November 2018 presentation by faculty Brian McLearn, Program Chair, Sam Olheiser, Brian Covey, and Doug Rogers, and staff Daniel Perkins.

5. Education Program Review developed by faculty August 2018–January 2019. January 2019 presentation by lead education faculty Sara Csaky, education faculty and Dean of Education, Languages and Social Sciences Cecelia Monto, and education studentsSamantha Lawson, Ashley Duran, Nayeli Cruz, Michelle Loeza, Charcy Ramos, and Lory Cruz.

6. Student Recruitment, Enrollment, and Graduation Services Program Review developed by staff July 2018–January 2019. February 2019 presentation by directorMelissa Frey and staff Eme Smith, James Mcnicholas, Heather Misener, Karyna Haro-Gonzalex, Efrain Alonso, Denise Thompson, Kekeli Gbofu, Joanne Gasca, Kim Bain, Karen Munoz, Cristina Barba, Cintia Ramos Carreon, Alcina Garcia, Fatima Peters, Meagan Usselman, and Katie Ramsdell.

7. Physical Science Program Review developed by faculty September 2017–March 2019. May 2019 presentation by faculty Erik Jensen and Chris Nelson.

8. Chemeketa Press Program Review developed by staff May 2018–March 2019. May 2019 presentation by Director Steve Richardson and staff Brian Mosher, Ronald Cox, and Stephanie Lenox, and faculty Layli Lyss, Laura Mack, and Lisa Healey.

9. Anthropology Program Review developed by faculty June 2017–March 2019. May 2019 presentation (with Sociology) by Program Chair Jennifer Montgomery.

10. Sociology Program Review developed by faculty June 2017–February 2019. May 2019 presentation (with Anthropology) by Program Chair Carlos Lopez and faculty Patricia Antoine.

11. Dental Assisting Program Review developed by faculty June 2018–April 2019. May 2019 presentation by Program Chair Lynn George and faculty Jillian Lomax and Kara Johnson.

12. Financial Management Program Review developed by staff November 2018–July 2019. August 2019 presentation by Business Services Director Katie Bunch, Budget and Finance Director Rich McDonald and staff Tom Howard, Michele Hill, Brad Tedrow, and Kevin Walther.

13. Hemodialysis Program Review developed by staff and faculty October 2018–June 2019. October 2019 presentation by Faculty Lead Rebecca Dougherty and Yamhill Valley Campus CTE Director Paul Davis.

14. ABE-GED Program Review developed by faculty and staff October 2018–September 2019. October 2019 presentation by Adult Basic Skills Director Chris Kato, faculty Monica Willis, David Hardesty, Bryan Rollins, staff Betty Jones, and GED program graduates Rebecca Buhr, Jason Willits, Diana Shewell, Stephanie Milbourn, and Rebecca Mettert.

15. Grants Program Review developed by staff January–September 2019. December 2019 presentation (with Organizational Effectiveness) by Grants Director Gaelen McCallister and Faculty Coordinator Dorothy Moore.

16. Organizational Effectiveness Program Review developed by staff January–October 2019. December 2019 presentation (with Grants) by Organizational Effectiveness Director Julie Peters and staff Gary West.