How to Connect to Chemeketa’s Wi-Fi

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1. Connect your device to the CCC-Connect Wi-Fi network.

2. Open your browser of choice to

3. Click “Start.” If you’re not a visitor, click “Students & Staff” and sign in using your My Chemeketa credentials.

4. Follow the instructions presented on the download page. Android needs to download an app called Cloudpath, everything else will work without downloading additional tools.

  • For android, click “Install the network” after downloading Cloudpath.
  • For Mac and Windows, download the installer and run it.
  • For iPhone and Chromebook users, follow the instructions on the page. Please reference the help documentation linked below if there is confusion.

If you have any issues along the way or need more guidance, click here.

For questions, contact Chemeketa’s IT Help Desk at 503-399-7899.