Accreditation visit results

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We began preparing for this visit years ago. Hours of committee work, hours of squinting at data, thinking, writing, charting. Then dialogue, more thinking, more squinting, re-writing and re-charting. Re-consider. Revise.  Repeat Finally, with a deadline looming, we embarked on an … Continued

Intervening for our well-being

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Concern for our students and staff is represented in the meaning of the Kalapuyan word that gives Chemeketa its name. Our priority to maintain “a place of peace” is also reflected in the teams devoted to keeping us safe and … Continued

Transit survey results

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Our district covers 2,600 square miles so a student from Gates or an employee from McMinnville logs a 70-80 mile round trip each time he or she commutes to the Chemeketa Salem campus. Sustainability Coordinator Steph Fregosi estimates that our collective carbon footprint last … Continued

Interact with brilliance

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Skillsoft’s new executive interview series features remarkable leaders who know how to create and develop cultures of engagement and accelerate learning and high-velocity innovation. Filmed on location, each Executive Exchange event is live and set up for you to directly … Continued

New community ed schedule

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The new community education schedule features a class on hair as a key performance indicator (KPIH). Director Steve Patterson says, “The relationship between hairstyle and getting ahead is a growing field.” Participants in the class will learn – The power of hair … Continued

Spring break service

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While many of us were enjoying a leisurely spring break, a dedicated group of Chemeketa students and staff journeyed to Nicaragua as part of our international service learning program. The Statesman Journal caught up with some of them just before they … Continued

LBCC honors Julie

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Linn-Benton Community College is honoring Chemeketa President Julie Huckestein with its Distinguished Alumni award. She is one of three LBCC alumni to receive the award this year their Board of Education announced at its March 18 meeting. Each year the LBCC Foundation solicits … Continued

Remember the Effectiveness Project?

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Once upon a time we decided our employee satisfaction research would not be relegated to dust collection on a remote shelf. We organized the feedback into seven categories. Three categories were new priorities and we invited volunteers to serve on … Continued