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Accreditation is like a marriage

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We know there are dedicated souls who will review the draft Year Seven Self-evaluation Report we will submit to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities in February. We also suspect that a good many of you looked at Julie’s e-mail inviting … Continued

Holiday joy break

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It’s pretty quiet at Chemeketa these days as students take breaks and others leverage the holiday closure days into two week vacations. We are grateful for those of you grinding it out at the end of the year so here … Continued

Funding innovation

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Last year Executive Team distributed innovation grants to fund projects for student success.  This year we decided to dedicate all of the $25,000 budgeted for innovation grants to the initiative to provide our students greater access to open educational resources. … Continued

Work without regret

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I still remember the time I offended a former Chemeketa executive dean. I’m sure in that moment I felt my behavior was justified, but it wasn’t seen as appropriate nor was it constructive or helpful. Oh how I wish I … Continued

Take our commuter survey

Complete the commuter transportation survey for how you commuted to work fall term to help us reduce the environmental impact of motor vehicles. We need information from employees to help us determine appropriate projects. Your input is highly valued. Aggregate data … Continued

Work makes me so grr!

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So much of Chemeketa’s work gets done through relationships – Faculty with students Project work teams Collaborations between departments. We achieve not just because we know our stuff. Emotions and feelings affect our ability to work together and so are important … Continued

Assessing community relations

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How to increase community awareness of Chemeketa programs and services was one of the discussion topics at Executive Team’s November 25th meeting. It’s one thing for future students and their families to become aware of what we offer, but what … Continued

Are we prepared for emergencies?

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In a way we are sorry to report there is no drama here because we love stories packed with thrills. In the case of emergency preparedness though, it is clearly in our best interest that this is a subject Chemeketa addresses … Continued

New recruitment commercials

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Part of our student recruitment strategy is to use advertising to create awareness and interest in Chemeketa, and this year we tried connecting with a different audience: parents of high school students. High school students and young adults are spending … Continued

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