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Oregon Promise update

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In his presentation at the November Chemeketa Board of Education meeting, Patrick Crane, director of the Oregon Community College and Workforce Development agency, praised Chemeketa for our high enrollment of Oregon Promise students – Chemeketa staff and faculty from multiple … Continued

Psychology program review

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What other discipline is required in both our welding and nursing curricula? Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, At Chemeketa, this broad field has many applications. Our psychology courses provide students the opportunity to explore career … Continued

Contribute to making college possible

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The Chemeketa Foundation helps students in need pursue their dreams. Of the 2,000 students who applied for Foundation scholarships in 2015, 1 in 4 received one. The annual employee giving drive offers staff the opportunity to help students make college possible. Your … Continued

Updated guess our budget

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We are about to engage in that biennial exercise we call, “Guess our budget.” The Legislature establishes our budget every two years, so we alternate between years where we know our funding level and years when we wait and see. … Continued

Marketing’s reputation is on the line

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The Public Information, Marketing and Student Recruitment department is responsible for attracting new students and managing Chemeketa’s image. Learn more about how we’re doing at our program review – Thursday, Nov. 10 Salem Building 9, Room 112 10 am – 11:30 am

Political science program review

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Are politics on your mind right now? Some of our colleagues think about politics every day. They even attempt to figure it out and explain it to us. Now might be a really good time to check out the next program review – Political … Continued

Horticulture student saving our rhodys

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Rhododendrons and Oregon go together like springtime and hope. Unfortunately rhodys also go with a beautiful but nasty pest: the azalea lace bug. Chemeketa horticulture student Barry Finley co-authored an article in Digger, the trade publication of the Oregon Nursery Association, … Continued

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