Concertos and community

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The evening was introduced as a historical event, an event of collaboration between the college, Salem-Keizer public schools and the Salem community. They called it historical because it was the first concert at Chemeketa that included an orchestra, a band … Continued

Fifty shades of fangs

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The challenge. Could I find 50 sappy, happy smiling dogs? To the beach we go! Where else can you find smiling dogs? Sand in your toes, sun on your faceā€¦ and oh, the smells. Only a dog would understand. Through … Continued

The foundation dogs

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Labrador retrievers are just an all-around good dog, a best friend for many, a good foundation dog. It only goes to reason that Mike Kelly, drafting instructor would have a pair of labs. Cooper is four years old. Mike describes … Continued

Nose to the ground

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It’s a hound thing, that nose to the ground. Beagles are scent hounds, born to track small game.             Even in the dry grass on that hot August night, Finnegan and Kennedy were tracking the … Continued

Life’s a pawty

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We all remember the summer of 2014. Hot and dry defined both the days and the nights.               It was the summer Bogey Nelson turned 5 and a gaggle of Chemeketa dogs joined him … Continued