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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

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Dr. Travis Bradbery is the cofounder of the world’s leading provider of emotional intelligence training. He shows us how our emotional intelligence is the foundation for a host of critical skills that make a difference in our performance. You will … Continued

Your turn to change?

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If you could start with a clean sheet of paper, how would you design your department?  Which people would do what tasks? With whom would you collaborate? How would you feel at the beginning of each work day? How would you … Continued

Interact with brilliance

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Skillsoft’s new executive interview series features remarkable leaders who know how to create and develop cultures of engagement and accelerate learning and high-velocity innovation. Filmed on location, each Executive Exchange event is live and set up for you to directly … Continued

Complete makeover

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Skillsoft is looking good and ready to roll out brand new capabilities.  Search is more powerful and flexible so it is easier to drill down to exactly what you need. Additionally, you no longer have to stay tied to your desk to … Continued

Less is better

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So ET has over 90 projects we want to implement by 2017. That list is only a fraction of the work at the college.  Chemeketa is an idea-rich environment. We have way more good intentions than we have time and … Continued

Skillsoft enjoys spa week

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Employee Development is giving our Skillsoft learning management system a makeover this week.  Skillsoft will be on break February 9-13 so you won’t be able to complete any courses since your progress and completion cannot be captured. When Skillsoft comes … Continued

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