Wellness missionaries

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Chemeketa’s Athletics, Physical Education and Health and Human Performance staff regard themselves as wellness missionaries- committed to transforming lives through educating and inspiring wellness foot soldiers. “We help people overcome the limitations and disadvantages they believe they have to focus … Continued

Meet alumnus Dwayne Meier

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From nurses and hemodialysis techs to fire fighters and EMT, Chemeketa boasts a strong reputation for training local heroes. But take a moment to think about all the behind-the-scene heroes who work without accolades to keep us alive and well. … Continued

Accreditation visit results

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We began preparing for this visit years ago. Hours of committee work, hours of squinting at data, thinking, writing, charting. Then dialogue, more thinking, more squinting, re-writing and re-charting. Re-consider. Revise.  Repeat Finally, with a deadline looming, we embarked on an … Continued

Intervening for our well-being

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Concern for our students and staff is represented in the meaning of the Kalapuyan word that gives Chemeketa its name. Our priority to maintain “a place of peace” is also reflected in the teams devoted to keeping us safe and … Continued

Transit survey results

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Our district covers 2,600 square miles so a student from Gates or an employee from McMinnville logs a 70-80 mile round trip each time he or she commutes to the Chemeketa Salem campus. Sustainability Coordinator Steph Fregosi estimates that our collective carbon footprint last … Continued

Stop & think before connecting

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The Internet is a great place full of interesting, fun, and useful information. You can connect to your friends and family through email and social media, look up the latest celebrity gossip, or play online chess with an old friend. However, while … Continued