Say aloha to our retirees May 6

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Mark your calendars for this year’s Employee Retirement Celebration to be held Wednesday, May 6 from 2-4 pm in the Student Center (Bldg.2, Salem campus). Retirees to be honored include- Michael Bates Mary Berger Carol Bibler Michael Black Roberta “Bobbi” … Continued

Interact with brilliance

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Skillsoft’s new executive interview series features remarkable leaders who know how to create and develop cultures of engagement and accelerate learning and high-velocity innovation. Filmed on location, each Executive Exchange event is live and set up for you to directly … Continued

New community ed schedule

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The new community education schedule features a class on hair as a key performance indicator (KPIH). Director Steve Patterson says, “The relationship between hairstyle and getting ahead is a growing field.” Participants in the class will learn – The power of hair … Continued

Fifty shades of fangs

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The challenge. Could I find 50 sappy, happy smiling dogs? To the beach we go! Where else can you find smiling dogs? Sand in your toes, sun on your face… and oh, the smells. Only a dog would understand. Through … Continued