An artist among us: Debbie Hornibrook

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For many, the ideal retirement is full of relaxation and leisure. But Debbie Hornibrook, professor of communication and Renaissance woman personified, may have a more difficult time juggling her ambitious post-professional schedule. When she’s not teaching, taking her motorcycle for … Continued

Wellness missionaries

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Chemeketa’s Athletics, Physical Education and Health and Human Performance staff regard themselves as wellness missionaries- committed to transforming lives through educating and inspiring wellness foot soldiers. “We help people overcome the limitations and disadvantages they believe they have to focus … Continued

Meet alumnus Dwayne Meier

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From nurses and hemodialysis techs to fire fighters and EMT, Chemeketa boasts a strong reputation for training local heroes. But take a moment to think about all the behind-the-scene heroes who work without accolades to keep us alive and well. … Continued

Accreditation visit results

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We began preparing for this visit years ago. Hours of committee work, hours of squinting at data, thinking, writing, charting. Then dialogue, more thinking, more squinting, re-writing and re-charting. Re-consider. Revise.  Repeat Finally, with a deadline looming, we embarked on an … Continued