New recruitment commercials

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Part of our student recruitment strategy is to use advertising to create awareness and interest in Chemeketa, and this year we tried connecting with a different audience: parents of high school students. High school students and young adults are spending … Continued

Meet student George Sichinava

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George Sichinava, International student from Uzbekistan Completing his AAS in business What is your most treasured possession? My family. In my culture family is everything. What do you most value in your friends and family? Honesty and respect.  I’m always … Continued

Nose to the ground

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It’s a hound thing, that nose to the ground. Beagles are scent hounds, born to track small game.             Even in the dry grass on that hot August night, Finnegan and Kennedy were tracking the … Continued

Susan Murray wins Crystal Apple award

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Dr. Susan Murray’s significant contributions to the community were recognized in Woodburn this month with a Crystal Apple award. The Woodburn Chamber of Commerce hosted the event which was also sponsored by area businesses. Murray was recognized for 33 years … Continued