Meet alumnus Makiah Merritt

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Makiah Merritt, from Silverton Graduated June 2014 with an AAS and certificates in Computer Administration, Network Securities and Computer Support Specialist What were you like as a 12 year old? Kinda mean, ornery. It was really easy to get into mischief … Continued

Help students pay for college

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The Chemeketa Foundation commemorates its 40th anniversary with the 40 for 40 drive. We are looking for 40 employees to become new monthly sustaining donors in the 40 from  the campaign launch (Oct. 15) to its conclusion (Dec. 1). Learn … Continued

Tools for team leadership

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One of Chemeketa’s four institutional values is collaboration which is pretty easy to salute especially in an organization like ours where teams do so much of our work, and we don’t have a rigid chain of command culture like the … Continued

Increasing workforce diversity

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Executive Team last met October 14 and a focus of the meeting was personnel recruitment practices to increase the diversity of Chemeketa employees. Research shows that students who relate to role models in the classrooms and hallways of their college … Continued

What just happened?

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Welcome to the inaugural edition Chemeketa Connects. We hope to make this blog a useful resource to keep you informed as well as help you do your job the way you want it done. We’re on a quest to sustain … Continued