Documenting the birth of Chemeketa Press

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Stack of textbooksWe have so many reasons to be proud of the collaboration that is our Chemeketa Press. Chemeketa is the only community college in the nation publishing peer-reviewed textbooks with original content authored by the college’s faculty. We launched Chemeketa Press in 2015 as a way to reduce student textbook sticker shock.

The Chemeketa Press published 13 titles in 2016. By the end of spring term, we expect Chemeketa Press will have sold over 8,600 books to 12,000 students. Those students will have saved at least $500,000 by not buying new, commercial textbooks. Over 20 new titles are planned to be released for fall 2017.

Chemeketa has produced a seven minute documentary to record how and why the Chemeketa Press was born. The documentary shows that Chemeketa Press resulted in unprecedented collaboration and professional development, as well as savings for students.

The Chemeketa Press is also getting national recognition. The Journal of Higher Education highlights Chemeketa Press in the conclusion of its story, “Growing Pains Begin to Emerge in Open Textbook Movement.”