Staff take in museum exhibit for Cultural Competency

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A fun way to receive points for your Cultural Competence Certificate is to partake in activities such as the visit to the Hallie Ford Museum July 15.

Chemeketa employees went to the museum to view George Rodruiguez’s exhibition: Embellished Narratives. Jonathan Bucci, the curator, opened the museum for Chemeketa and provided a special tour.

As described by Willamette University, “Ideas of ceremony, ritual, and cross-cultural mythology all combine in Rodriguez’s bold yet whimsical artwork. Inspired by childhood memories, international travel, border politics, and the history of art, his richly decorated and tactile sculptures draw the viewer in with a mixture of humor and gravity to address concepts of community and identity in our global culture.”

Special thanks to Linda Ringo-Reyna and Gary West for driving the vans to the museum.

The exhibition runs until August 25, 2019.

Click here to learn more about Chemeketa’s Cultural Competency Certificate.