Chemeketa diplomas now available in electronic form

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Graduation Services is excited to announce a new diploma format for students graduating in the 19-20 academic year! We have contracted with our third party transcript vendor, Parchment, to now offer both an electronic copy and a mailed copy of our diplomas. 

How does this work? Each term, Graduation Services processes applications submitted by students for degrees and certificates and all students who are awarded will receive a diploma. All diplomas used to be printed and cut by hand in our office, which took around 3 weeks each term. Now, with switching to Parchment, it takes roughly an hour to submit our report of awarded students via an online submission process. Students then receive an email to their MyChemeketa account with instructions for how to claim their electronic diploma within a few hours. A copy of the diploma is also mailed to the student’s address and they should receive it within 10-12 business days. 

The electronic diploma is certified and can be downloaded for keeping or shared to various social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. Students are able to share their achievements with friends, family, and even potential employers.

With these trying times, it is extremely important to our office to provide students with the recognition they deserve for their achievements. This new and improved diploma process will ensure students do not see an interruption of receiving their diploma they worked so hard to earn!