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Get work study to pay for your education

Federal Work Study

Work study allows you to receive federal funds for your education costs through part-time work.


You apply for work study by filling out the FAFSA. You are notified on your award letter if you have received work study. You will have to reapply for work study with a new FAFSA each school year.

If you receive work study, follow the steps and remember the responsibilities below. Do so even if you are returning to a job you had before.

    • Log on to My Chemeketa
    • Select the Services tab, then select Awards & status in the right side menu.
    • Click on Federal Work Study
      • A list of all currently-available FWS positions will be displayed.
    • To narrow the search, click on the arrow at the right of one of the option fields
      • (Job Type, Supervisor, Job Title, Job Location)
    • Click on a job title to see detailed information. This opens a new window.
    • If you decide it is not a job you want to apply for, click "Close" to return to the job list.
    • If you meet the requirements and want to apply for this job, click on "View Referral" and then click on "Activate this referral".
      • You can have a maximum of two referrals active at one time
      • Referrals can only be inactivated by the financial aid office staff
    • Contact the supervisor and schedule a job interview
      • Save a copy or screen shot of the referral to refer during the interview/hiring process
    • At the interview, if you and the supervisor agree that the placement will be acceptable, decide together on your starting date. Set up a work schedule based on the maximum hours per term from your referral, the times you have available outside class, and the supervisor's requirements
    1. Once the FWS referral is activated and you agree to the position with your supervisor, submit a student job application
    2. See the Instructions for Employment Eligibility Verification form for details of documentation for employment
    3. HR will reach out to you to complete employment forms and requirements, such as a background check
    4. Employment can begin AFTER all pre-hiring steps are complete and the results of the background check have been received.  HR will contact both you and your supervisor that you may begin working
    • You can have only one FWS job at a time
      • Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the financial aid office and/or Human Resources.
    • You and the supervisor must each agree to wages, works schedule,  FWS requirements to maintain, and job duties
      • Expired referrals will not be accepted
      • If possible,  both you and the supervisor should keep a photo copy of the form for reference
    • Electronic Timesheets are submitted before the 15th day of each month. Make sure you keep an accurate count of all hours and days worked to enter information accurately. Your supervisor will inform you when to submit your hours each month.
    • If you are not hired on either of your active referrals, contact the Financial Aid office ( to be cancelled
      • You can then repeat the job selection process
    • If you don't find a job that will work for you, check again in a couple of days
      • New jobs may be posted periodically during the first two weeks of each summer and fall term
    • Keep a record of hours accurately each time you work. Do not wait until the end of the pay period and try to reconstruct your work times
    • Submit an electronic timesheet before the 15th of each month. Your supervisor will inform you of when the timesheet access is open each month. 
    • Update your address and phone number with the offices of Admissions and Payroll any time there is a change. Paychecks are often direct deposited, but if mailed they cannot be forwarded to a new address on the basis of a forwarding order filed with your post office
    • Promptly complete a new W-4 form in the Payroll office if your marital status or tax withholding status changes during the year
    • Chemeketa is committed to providing its students and employees with an environment focused on learning and growth, free of discrimination or harassment. Such behaviors are not tolerated and are against college policy. Students and employees are expected to keep Chemeketa's work and educational environment free of any conduct that causes intimidation, hostility or discrimination. Review and become  familiar with student rights and responsibilities
    • Payday is the last business day of each month. If you do not receive your pay (in mail or by direct deposit) by the third business day of the following month, verify with your supervisor that your timesheet was submitted on time. If it was, contact the Payroll office at 503.399.5013 or in Bldg. 2, Rm. 214 of the Salem campus
    • You may choose to have your paycheck direct deposited. Check with the Payroll office to complete request
    • If you drop below 6 credits, or withdraw from all of your classes, you must stop working immediately.

    If you have questions, please e-mail from your My Chemeketa e-mail. Include both your name and student ID number (K#) or call 503.399.5018.

    Please ask FWS questions at Financial Aid and employment process questions at Human Resources.